Run Nearly Your Entire Business From The Palm Of Your Hot Little Hand

With your own professionally created & prestigiously branded $100,000+ quality mobile app… and for less than the cost of your monthly cable bill

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Created by a former Navy nuclear engineer — who’s also a bestselling tech author & world famous marketing automation specialist with over 20 years experience running multiple multi-million dollar software & app development, SEO, and business/marketing coaching businesses.
  • Designed from the “ground up” to let coaches, info-marketers, podcasters, business professionals, freelancers, membership site/digital subscription offer sellers, and other solo entrepreneurs run a fully automated online business right from your phone — while getting rabid new levels of content engagement and being able to focus on your business passion each day… instead of wasting your life babysitting VAs, relying on big tech platforms hostile to small businesses, or having to employ a small village in the Philippines to run your company.
  • So simple it is nearly “push button easy” to upload, distribute, share, and sell your content, courses, coaching services, and expertise right from your phone — yet is so robust at running your business behind the scenes, it is based on the same advanced technology created by billion dollar tech company software engineers used by certain militaries.
  • Free test drive lets you use it without spending a single penny — upload content (even a whole course!), show it off to your peers & colleagues, and see how it can grant your business a whole new level of prestige & celebrity-like status by filling it with your branding, unique personality, & hard-won expertise clients & customers love to buy from & engage with.

Learnistic™ currently costs $150/month. But if you click the button below, you can get a free test drive. You will also get daily emails & videos packed with valuable lessons, tips, & trainings you can use to get more engagement, close more customers & clients, and make more sales — whether you keep using Learnistic™ after your free test drive or not…

NOTE: If you decide to activate your Learnistic™ app, you’ll immediately be able to share & distribute your content, send your email list, social media followers, and other audiences to it, & alert them of new content via push notifications. After a short Apple verification period, you’ll also be able to start selling in-app purchases. Plus, you’ll also be “grandfathered” in at that price, no matter how expensive Learnistic™ gets later — with no long term contracts or obligations. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.) Cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, and without hassle. *Free test drive content upload limit is one course of up to 10 modules.

How Learnistic™ Lets You Run Your Entire Business From Your Mobile Phone

Your Learnistic™ mobile app is designed to be almost laughably easy & simple to use — and is based on technology developed by elite military & billion dollar software industry engineers who are paid to make advanced technology so simple even a child can use or understand it.

Here’s how it works in just 3 easy steps:


Upload your video, audio, or PDF content right from your phone

It’s as simple as putting a video on YouTube or Facebook, yet it’s inside a “world” and on a platform you have more control over and that is branded to you.


Tell your email list, social media followers, podcast audience, contacts, business network, clients, and customers about your content

And notify your current app users via push notifications directly to their mobile phones.


Use that content to teach, train, build relationships with, or even sell your offers via in-app purchases

Perfect for info-marketers, coaches, content creators, freelancers, professional services, social media influencers, membership site & other digital subscription sellers, and even free and/or paid podcasters (turning your phone into a mobile podcast “studio”).

But the proof is in the using — which you can do with your free test drive today.

Simply click the link below and follow the instructions. In the next 30-seconds you can be inside your own mobile app, filling it with your branding and personality, putting content on it to see what it looks & feels like... and seeing for yourself how it can potentially multiply your content engagement, professional respect & prestige, and business revenues.

We also have a strict no price raises” policy on current Learnistic clients.

That means, whatever the monthly price is when you start paying for it, you get that price for as long as you remain, as well as getting access to all future features at that same monthly price. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.) It currently costs less than the average monthly cable bill. But, it will always go up over time as we add more features. That means the sooner you join us, the more you save.

15 Ways Learnistic Can Radically Simplify Your Business, Create A “Feeding Frenzy” Of Engaged Customers & Clients, And Dramatically Multiply Your Sales


Lets you run your business right from your mobile phone — record, upload, distribute, & even sell (via in-app purchases) content in a way customers & clients love to consume and buy from.


Capture your new app followers onto an email list you can export & that you own — follow up with them via email & push notifications directly to their mobile devices whenever you add new content, sell them an offer, or want to communicate with them.


Integrates with your current CRM, email list, and back-end marketing via Zapier — which lets you integrate with over 3,000 other apps, including just about any CRM.


Sell content via the Apple or Google Play stores via in-app purchases — including your digital courses, videos, audio books, PDFs, and digital subscription offers — directly in your app.


Thwart content pirates & hackers — it’s hard to steal content contained in a secure app like Learnistic, unlike a Wordpress or web-based content platform. All of which makes you an extremely unattractive target for hackers and other privacy criminals.


World-building and business culture-creation is “built-in” — while you are subscribed to Learnistic your app is a world, a media platform, a domain, & kingdom you control... filled with your branding, your personality, and your values & the culture into which you want to assimilate your clients & customers. When people download and follow you in the app, you get to isolate, engage with, and communicate with them without the endless distractions, annoying 3rd party ads & commercials, and corrupt privacy-plundering antics of big social media platforms.


Be perceived as a leader instead of a mere “expert” — possessing your own media platform like Learnistic means you are far more likely to be perceived and followed as a LEADER, and not just another thirsty “expert” in a sea of other thirsty experts all pounding their chests on social media. Being perceived as a leader means people are more likely to trust you, buy from you, hire you, take your advice, consume your content, and use what you teach with far less resistance.


Grants your business more prestige & professionalism — having your own classy, elegant, & uniquely branded mobile app lets you almost instantly stand out in a saturated marketplace. Show it to your colleagues, peers, customers, clients, and leads to automatically set you apart from everyone else who merely has a “website” or amateur-looking desktop-based app that can’t do even a fraction of the tasks Learnistic does. This can potentially add a thick layer of newfound respect, status, & exclusivity to your business. It can also position your brand on a whole different level from your competitors.


Designed for extreme simplicity & user-friendliness — for both you and your followers, and is based on the work of brilliant software engineers who get paid small fortunes by certain military and billion dollar tech companies to make using advanced technology almost as simple as playing a game on your phone.


Fire your VA and eliminate outsourcing with Learnistic’s “one and done” suite of features — no more outsourcing your business to an overworked VA servicing 30 other clients who pay her a dollar fifty more per hour than you do. No more wasting years of your life “frankensteining” together various website apps & shopping carts. No more dealing with bandwidth issues, or haggling with draconian social media de-platforming & ranking gimmicks. No more having to screw around configuring merchant accounts to sell digital products or keeping up with an endless string of website security patches, plugins, and updates. No more frustration from figuring out how to host your content on a dozen different clouds & video/audio hosting platforms… and the list goes on. Learnistic eliminates all that in one, simple & secure interface, and via “push button easy” content creation & distribution right to your audiences’ phones — where they overwhelmingly PREFER consuming & buying digital content today.


Be “omnipresent” in your followers’ lives — wherever they go, there you are, on their phones, not relying on them being tethered to their desks… bringing you & your business with them everywhere in the palm of their hands, and potentially being a constant 24/7 presence in their lives.


Extreme new levels of engagement — the #1 rule of marketing is go where your customers are and be in front of a moving parade. The average person touches their mobile phone 2,617 times per DAY. They are always within 3 feet of their phones, even when eating, driving, traveling, exercising, dressing, shopping, waiting for appointments, sleeping, or while in the bathroom. That’s why 70%+ of digital content is consumed on a phone. And 92% of the time people are on their phone they are in an app like Learnistic. Being where your customers are, in a way they prefer to engage with and buy from, means building long-lasting customer & client relationships so strong people could very well do business with you “sight unseen” — far more likely to want to buy from you or hire you before even thinking of choosing anyone else.


Be an early “Web 3.0” adopter before your competition — the majority of offline businesses fought the internet tooth and nail before eventually having no choice but to go online or die. We believe businesses who plunge head first into the emerging new Web 3.0 (i.e., mobile apps) environment can quickly have the same type of competitive advantage early Web 1.0 users had when they got ranked high in search & positioned as early authorities just being on there first. Like it or not, want it or not, think it fair or not… we believe apps are the new websites. And if that’s true, then the earlier you get in, the more superior marketplace positioning you can seize before anyone else.


No long terms contracts or setup fees — with a low monthly price you are “locked in” at the second you buy. That means no matter how high the price goes later, or what new features are added, your price is fixed. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.)


Free test drive — brand it, load it with content, and see exactly what it can do without risk. It’s free and takes less than 30 seconds.

How This Former Navy Nuclear Engineer’s Humiliating “Rookie” Software Mistake Is Drastically Changing Online Selling As You Know It

Troy Broussard is a former Navy nuclear engineer, enterprise-class software developer, & API-level marketing automation specialist who has built multiple multi-million dollar businesses in the fields of software, SaaS, SEO, and native apps. He is also the author of the bestselling Infusionsoft Mastery, and is one of the planet’s most sought-after native app developers. His radical insights, ideas, & teachings have gotten praise from direct marketing industry leaders (like Perry Marshall, who wrote the intro to Troy’s Infusionsoft Mastery book), New York Times Bestselling authors, and former-CIA & other high-level clientele in the business world’s most prestigious & respected inner circles.

But, even he’s not above making stupid amateur mistakes.

In fact, his biggest contribution to the business tech world didn’t come from his education, background, or experience.

It Came From Downright Shameful & Embarrassing Professional Negligence!

Here’s what happened:

Troy had created a niche-based digital course designed for a small part of his audience, that didn’t even come close to his other courses’ sales. After he sold it, he told his small band of customers where they could consume the content on his website, and then went about his business as usual.

But right after that, something very odd started to happen.

His little “niche” product hardly anyone bought….

Got Well Over 10 Times More Engagement Than All His Most Popular Courses Combined.

At first he thought he must have accidentally hit some kind of “nerve” with his list.

After all, he was getting several times more people consuming & completing the course, engaging with him about it, asking questions, and giving feedback than he ever got from his far more popular products. So he decided to ask his customers what it was about this particular course that was so engagement-worthy. That way, he could do more of whatever it was the next time.

Much to his ego’s disappointment, it had nothing to do with the quality of his course.

Nor had he magically stumbled onto some kind of secret demand in his list.

It was all a result of an extremely embarrassing “rookie” tech mistake that was especially humiliating for a world renown software developer like him who prides himself on his attention to detail.

But as one of his colleagues told him soon afterwards:

“I think your amateur mistake may just change online selling & learning as we all know it!”

What happened was, Troy had set up his product in a WordPress site and foolishly forgot to set the security permissions to protect the content from being illegally downloaded & shared. This is the first thing any responsible online marketer or software developer does. Not doing so was as negligent as an airline pilot not checking to make sure there’s fuel in the tank before taking off. And it turned out his customers — being tech developers, and more software savvy than the norm — not only started downloading his content (instead of consuming it through their desktop computers as Troy intended)… but they knew how to easily copy that content onto their phones.

That was why he was getting so much engagement, more questions asked, and lots of feedback —

Not Because Of Any “Genius” On His Part — But Because The Content Was Readily Available On Their Mobile Devices.

In other words:

That content was simply easier & more convenient to consume.

Naturally, Troy took this marketing intel” and started making his other courses, group coaching, and trainings easier to access on a phone. And while that certainly got him better results, more engagement, new back-end sales, and more overall business… it wasn’t getting his content that same “feeding frenzy” kind of engagement his little niche product got. So after a little more experimenting & testing, and talking to his customers, and digging into the research about optimal learning & how the human brain wants to engage with content… he discovered another important piece of the puzzle. And what he discovered was, in order to get that elusive hyper-engagement he was chasing, it wasn’t enough to simply make that content easily accessible on his customers’ phones by making his sites mobile-optimized” or mobile responsive” or mobile friendly.”

No, in order to get those extreme levels of engagement…

That Content Had To Specifically Be Delivered Inside A Mobile App.

What had happened originally was this:

His customers were copying his content into iTunes, YouTube, and other media player apps on their phones, and consuming the content through those apps, not their mobile phone web browsers. And this one, laughably simple change in the way he was delivering content drastically overhauled his entire business, the way his customers & clients engaged with him, and his overall sales.

After that, he got obsessed with mobile learning & selling and did a “deep dive” into the subject.

He began by examining research done by some of the most brilliant tech engineers at prestigious billion dollar software, hardware, & tech companies. During this research he found out all kinds of interesting facts he’d never heard before — including during all his years as a developer, and while creating multi-million dollar marketing, SEO, and email & website automation campaigns using some the most sophisticated software systems on the planet.

For example, he learned:

  • The average person touches their phone nearly 3,000 times per day
  • Those same peoples’ phones are always within 3-feet of them — including when sleeping, eating, driving, traveling, flying, hiking, working, waiting for appointments, exercising, walking the dog, watching TV, playing with their kids, shopping, laying awake at night plagued with insomnia, at parties, sitting in the bar, or even when in the bathroom
  • 70%+ of all digital content is now consumed on mobile phones
  • A whopping 92% of the time spent on a phone is in an app, NOT in a web browser
  • Less than 8% of people log into a website via a web browser on their phone to consume courses, entertainment, or other content (which is why, for example, Facebook course completion rates are an abysmal 4% on average) — yet web-based browsers and desktop apps are still how the vast majority of businesses deliver their content
  • Well over 600,000 websites are created per DAY, creating armies of competition in the marketplace, while only around 60,000 mobile apps are published in the Apple & Google Play stores per MONTH (and roughly 1/3 of those are just updates, not brand new mobile apps) where there is dramatically less competition
  • All of which means, hardly anyone in any niche or in any industry is offering their content on a legitimate mobile app… even though that is where all your clients & customers are going, where they want to consume & engage with content, and most importantly…

Where They Clearly PREFER To Buy Your Content!

What exactly does all this mean for you?

It means if you are one of the few businesses who delivers and sells your content in a legitimate mobile app (and not just a “mobile optimized” site or a cheaply made desktop app pretending to be a mobile app)… where your clients & customers already are, and where they prefer to consume and pay for content… you automatically have a huge, built-in” advantage over all the businesses who don’t have a mobile app. Much like early website adopters had a huge built-in advantage over businesses who did not have a website.

And that’s just for starters.

Troy also quickly realized the importance of a business having your own app developed, instead of relying on & sending your customers & clients to iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or any other company’s mobile app platform to deliver your paid or free content. That way, you can stop sending your hard won customers to those companies and their “worlds” — with all the distractions, 3rd party ads, privacy breaches, de-platforming, and where your competitors are always battling it out with each other for attention. And instead, you can send your customers, clients, & leads to YOUR world, where there’s no competition, and where…

You’re The Only One They Are Paying Any Attention To While They Are Inside Your App!

Even more important:

Being one of the world’s top marketing & business automation specialists, Troy also realized if a business is going to have an app, that app should fully integrate with your back end & front end marketing, too. In his way of thinking, it’s pointless to build an app and just have it sitting there on an island. That’s as useless as building a car that runs on nuclear energy when you can’t get nuclear energy to put in the car.

So Troy sent out bids to various mobile app developers to have his own app built.

These bids were not even asking for very much, and were for what he calls a “skeleton app” — with the minimum features to do the most basic of marketing & automation tasks. But as he started getting bids back, he was astonished to find how each one was asking for…

Between $50,000 And $125,000 Just To Build Even A “Bare Bones” App.

All of which was completely unacceptable to him.

Especially since, with his developer background and team, he knew he could do it better, integrating marketing, business and technology — and not just create another me-too” platform. And when he looked at the costs and what was possible, he realized there could be a huge market for a legitimate mobile app platform that is easily affordable to the average solo entrepreneur, and that is also built & designed by a 25-year veteran developer, software engineer, and marketing automation specialist like himself. Plus, just as crucial, he is also a business man who understands how everything can connect, integrate, & seamlessly work on a business-wide level behind the scenes.”

That way, you are be able to grow your business with a powerful & robust mobile app platform...

Without Going Broke Futzing Around Outsourcing Everything To Expensive Developers.

Still more:

It was clear to Troy the reason nobody is pulling this off is because they’re not innovating. All the apps he saw are cookie cutter” solutions that aren’t even legitimate mobile” apps! Instead, they are cheap web-based apps quickly strung together by shallow-thinking marketers & third rate programmers just to shamelessly capitalize on the rising business app trend. Some of the companies selling these fake mobile apps are even suckering people into contracts requiring thousands of dollars up front, and hundreds of dollars per month for something that is NOT even a true mobile app. Troy calls these fake mobile apps dumb reader” apps, because they only address the technology side, while ignorantly ignoring both the marketing automation & business integration sides. They don’t have any real logic or integration, they simply and blindly read” data out of a desktop-based system. He calls them dumb” not insultingly, but just factually, comparing them to the opposite of your smart” phone. Yet Troy knew if all three of these components — technology, automation, and business integration — are properly combined…

You Can Potentially Run Your Entire Business Right From Your Mobile Phone!

That’s when Troy knew he had to build an app platform for his clients. And that’s also when he knew it needed to be something that came from his extensive experience in software & marketing automation, and having created more than 19 different companies in his career. Having been a military & business technology expert. And having been one of the “go-to” leaders in the online marketing automation industry for two decades.

The result?

Troy poured all his knowledge & experience, and invested several years of his life & over a million dollars in capital into inventing a mobile app platform that literally lets you use a $100,000+ high quality mobile app for your business...

For Less Than The Cost Of Your Monthly Phone Bill.

He calls this platform “Learnistic.”

And it is designed to let coaches, freelancers, info-marketers, business professionals, podcasters, digital subscription sellers, and other solo entrepreneurs get far more engagement, make far more sales, and instantly grant your business far more prestige & status... with your own professionally created & uniquely branded mobile app. A mobile app you can use for your business that is branded to you. That is loaded with your content to share and sell. And that even lets you...

Be “Omnipresent” Wherever Your Customers, Clients, & Leads Are — 24/7.

Best part:

You can test drive Learnistic without spending a single penny. And if you decide to buy it, you’ll be grandfathered” in at that price forever, no matter how expensive it gets later — and with no long term contracts. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.)

However, the price is always going up as new features are added. That means the sooner you get in, the more money you will save each month.

Your first step is to get your free test drive which you can do via clicking the button below

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how many courses or how much content I can upload?

Your free test drive limits you to one course of up to 10 lessons. When you activate and start paying for it, you can upload and distribute unlimited courses and content. Our competitors limit course and other content due to bandwidth costs. And we may have to impose limits in the near future as well. But if you get in today, you’ll be grandfathered in with no limits on how much content you can upload. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.)

Can I put my blog posts into Learnistic?

Yes, just realize you can’t have any outbound links per Apple’s rules. Use the app to build relationships with your list, leads, customers, and clients first. Then sell via in-app purchases and/or email, by tagging your app followers onto an email list when they follow your app.

Can my users upload their content?

No. Only you can upload content, and only content you own the IP to or legally have the licensing rights to use. (And can document if required by Apple, Google, etc.)

How long does it take to get set up?

The interface is designed to make setting up your branding and loading up content almost as simple & easy as playing a game on your phone. One reason we are giving a free test drive is so you can see just how user-friendly and comfortable it is before spending any money on a Learnistic subscription.

Which CRM’s does Learnistic integrate with?

For now, Learnistic integrates with Zapier, which lets you integrate with over 3,000 other apps, including just about any CRM.

Will my Learnistic app be searchable in the Apple and Google Play Stores?

Learnistic is what’s called a “Container App,” which means in order to see your app, someone has to download the official Learnistic app, and then follow the simple instructions to see your app contained within the Learnistic app. What you sacrifice in the ego-boost and visibility and rankings of having your own app in the app stores (which will cost you, at a bare minimum, $50k - $100k+, if it’s any good, plus thousands more per year to keep it maintained, updated, and compliant with Apple & Google) you make up for in having one small monthly price and letting us worry about keeping it compliant, updated, and maintained behind the scenes for you. However, we do offer a service to paying Learnistic members if you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have us get your own app in the Apple & Google stores, while still spending much less than you would outsourcing it to anyone else. But even that won’t be any more advanced than Learnistic, outside of being able to personalize push notifications and having your own searchable brand ranked in the Apple & Google Play stores.

Are there any other costs?

To use the Learnistic app the ONLY payment to us is the monthly fee to be a member. The second you activate your Learnistic app you are grandfathered in at that price at that time, and will be able to use & enjoy all future features at that price no matter how expensive it gets later. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.) In the future, we will be adding other optional pay-per-use features into the app. As far as what new features are coming: all we can say publicly is we’re merely cracking our knuckles and still getting warmed up. You ain’t seen nothing yet...

An Important Message From Your Long-Suffering & Sometimes Brash C-App-tain — Troy Broussard

I’ve taken my background as a former Navy nuclear engineer, and as an enterprise-class software developer, API-level marketing automation specialist, & entrepreneur who’s built multiple million-dollar business operations… and rolled them into a single tool called:


This is a mobile app platform that allows you to literally run your business from your phone. You can publish your content in any form, and put it inside a platform you can control the branding and the look and the feel of. It also seamlessly integrates with your front & back-end marketing (websites, email, etc). This lets you focus on your passion and what you got into business for, instead of wasting years of your life dealing with plugins and updates and security patches… merchant account problems and outsourcing nightmares… and being dependent on multiple content platforms, clouds, membership sites, carts, VA’s, or a team of overpriced developers in another time zone who speak a different language slowing you down. Now you have the simplicity of just being able to go into your app, publish your content, and build your business while my team and I take care of everything else behind the scenes.”

I also want to give your business and your brand built-in prestige, class, and credibility, while your competition is running around spending a fortune on some amateur-looking, trend-chasing, guru-created, Low IQ cheeseball app that wasn’t designed for mobile phones (where your people are always within 3-feet of, and touching it literally thousands of times per day) — and that don’t do half the tasks, yet cost ten times as much, if not more.

Your free test drive lets you brand your app, load it up with some content, and make it your own — as well as play with it, impress your colleagues & peers with it, and get completely comfortable with it before spending even a single penny. If you decide to activate your app at the current low monthly price, you’ll be “locked in” at that price forever, no matter how expensive it gets later, and with access to any new features added along the way. (NOTE: barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to government, taxation, or 3rd party forces beyond our control — but it is highly unlikely.)

Troy Broussard

Former Navy nuclear engineer

Marketing automation specialist

Software developer



A person who is thoroughly knowledgeable about Infusionsoft mechanics AND strategy is automatically one of the most valuable players on any team.

— Perry Marshall

(From the Forward of Troy’s bestselling book Infusionsoft Mastery)

I asked people who the best was, and Troy came highly recommended, which is exactly why we use him. As a former CIA agent, trust is everything and that is why I chose to trust my business to Troy.

— Jason Hanson

Former CIA Agent

Working with Troy is absolutely one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Even as an advanced marketer, I was amazed by how much I learned from Troy. It’s incredible how much I learned. He’s very ‘no-nonsense’ and kept me focused on doing the simple things - simple works.

— Wardee Harmon

Owner of the world’s biggest
& most prestigious online
traditional cooking school

Beyond his head-spinning tech skills, Troy totally ‘gets it’ when it comes to working with us creative types who quickly develop (and often, cause) headaches when we encounter deep tech.

— Kevin Rogers

…Troy is a rare breed, he can effectively communicate with the best of marketers as well as the non-verbal techies. Frankly there is no one better when it comes to Infusionsoft. He is truly the Master!

— MaryEllen Tribby

Consultant & coach who has run multi-million
dollar divisions of companies such as Forbes,
Crain’s New York Business and Times Mirror Magazines

Troy Broussard is truly a one of a kind treasure that business owners dream of crossing paths with an elite marketing mind, incredible communication skills, plus world class technical know-how of highly sophisticated software and tools, gives Troy the capability to turn your marketing dreams into a reality.

— Tom Beal

Profit Pirates coach at Learnistic, LLC